The revolutionary Twinwall design features a patented dual tube construction that is based off of the same principles seen in the aircraft industry, resulting in the worlds strongest Motocross handlebar. The outer tube is made from 7010 T73 anodized aluminum, offering extreme resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion. The inner tube is built from ultra high strength 7010 T6 aluminum, and is hard anodized to resist throttle tube wear and increase fatigue life. The bonded, lightweight, single bolt clamping system used on the cross-brace increases bar strength, while allowing some bar flex for improved shock absorption.

Borrowing principles from aircraft design to give the best combination of lightness, strength and safety, the Twinwall handlebars are by far the most advanced set of bars available for your machine today. Since their introduction in 1998, the Twinwall® have been the handlebar of choice for more professional race teams and has helped more riders win championships than any other handlebar in the world. Join the Renthal family, and get yourself a set of Twinwall's today!


  • This handlebar from Renthal features twinwall construction - Consisting of two aluminium alloy tubes, one within the other
  • Outer tube is 7010 T73, which has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Inner tube is ultra high strength 7010 T6 Aluminium and is hard anodized to resist wear from twist grip and controls
  • Rubber seals cover the join to keep out water and cleaning fluids
  • Laser etched positioning grid
  • Renthal's pioneered bonded lightweight single bolt clamping system for the cross-brace, greatly increases strength while still allowing flex
  • Knurling - Grip end only - increases bonding between bar and grip
  • No knurling in clamp area, this could cause a stress riser and lead to fatigue failure
  • Comes fitted with bar pad (red writing as pictured in main image)
  • Available in 4 colours with factory and pro rider bend options