A long lasting durable off-road sprocket developed over 5 years. The unique flat face design keeps weight to a minimum and means the Twinring rear sprocket is as narrow as a standard sprocket. Outer is expanded at 200°C and then fitted to inner, creating a permanent bond for the life of the sprocket.


  • The inner ring of the unique Renthal® Twinring® is engineered from Ultralight 7075 T6 Aluminium. This keeps the weight of the Twinring® to a minimum.
  • Renthal® Twinring® feature a Electroless Nickel Coated steel. This ensures an ultra long service life of the sprocket, providing you with maximum power transfer longer than ever.
  • Each Twinring® that leaves Renthal's engineering facilities in the UK is individually CNC machined to the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit.
  • The Outer ring is expanded to 200°C to be fitted to the inner ring. Cooling creates a permenant bond. Flat socket set screws prevent lateral movement between the rings in high velocity impacts.
  • Twinring® feature Renthal's self cleaning mud groove technology between each tooth. This prevents mud build up that traditionally leads to quicker wearing components.

Fits On:

  • TTR230 2005-2023
  • WR250F 2000-2023
  • WR250R 2007-2021
  • WR250X 2007-2017
  • WR450F 2003-2023
  • YZ125 1999-2023
  • YZ250 1999-2023
  • YZ250F 2001-2023
  • YZ250FX 2015-2023
  • YZ250X 2016-2022
  • YZ450F 2003-2023
  • YZ450FX 2016-2023