Renthal Ultralight™ rear sprockets are manufactured to extremely tight tolerences from a special material developed to withstand the rigours of supercross, motocross and enduro racing. The 7075 T6 aluminium alloy rear sprockets are 66% lighter than steel, yet incredibly durable. Their advanced tooth profile, concentricity and accuracy of fit provide maximum power transfer and long-life. Renthal's combination of a very high strength base material and an exceptionally hardwearing surface result in significantly increased sprocket life over other brands.


  • Designed to keep revolving un-sprung mass to an absolute minimum and power transfer at a maximum, Renthal Ultralight™ rear sprockets are 66% lighter than steel.
  • Each Ultralight™ Rear Sprocket that leaves Renthal's engineering facilities in the UK is individually CNC machined to the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit.
  • High strength specially enhanced 7075 T6 aluminium alloy is used to create the perfect rear sprocket, that is both lightweight, durable and strong.
  • Ultralight™ Rear Sprockets feature Renthal's self cleaning mud groove technology between each tooth. This prevents mud build up that traditionally leads to quicker wearing components.
  • Renthal Ultralight™ sprockets are used by more factory motocross and supercross teams than any other sprocket in the world.

Fits On:

  • DR250 1990-1993
  • DR250e 1991-1993
  • DR350 1990-1999
  • DR350SE 1990-1999
  • DRZ250 2001-2020
  • DRZ400 2001-2023
  • DRZ400E 2001-2023
  • DRZ400S 2000-2016
  • DRZ400SM 2005-2022
  • RM100 1997-1981
  • RM125 1980-2011
  • RM250 1981-2012
  • RMX250 1989-1999
  • RMX450Z 2011-2019
  • RMZ250 2007-2023
  • RMZ450 2005-2023