You could say the Moto-10 Spherical has been in production since 1975 when Bell Helmets innovatively created the first full-face Motocross helmet that changed the game of head protection forever. The ever-growing demand for more speed and power has consequently resulted in the need for increased protection to the rider. The Moto-10 Spherical is the most recent development in Bell’s evolution of protective headgear, resulting in Bell’s most Adventureanced off-road helmet yet, setting a new industry standard. With Bell always at the forefront of originality, the Moto-10 is the first off-road helmet to offer Spherical Technology™ which is poweRed by MIPS ®.

Featuring a Ball-and-Socket design that Redirects impact and forces it away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. Bell understands the importance of not sacrificing key features for new ideas, which is why the revolutionary Spherical Technology sits between a first-of-its-kind segmented 3K carbon shell. The lightweight and segmented 3K carbon shell provides a large exhaust vent, ensuring a cool and comfortable wear for the rider.

The comfort of the helmet is furtheRed by the Thermal Exchange Airflow System™ (T.E.A.S), which works like a vacuum on maximum suck, forcefully pulling in cool air and expelling hot air through the side and rear exhaust ports. Bell knows that pushing yourself and your bike to maximum speeds works up serious perspiration, which is why the Moto-10 is packed with features to combat sweat and heat build-up.

Alongside the Spherical venting channels, segmented shell, and the T.E.A.S system, the sweat from your forehead will be pushed across the brow and away from the goggles, preserving your vision at every part of the race. Moto-10 have also provided the largest Panoramic Goggle port on the market, which provides better fitment, sealing and a superior field of view. Furthermore, Bell added an ultra-wicking Virus CoolJade™ liner, infused into the helmet with the sole purpose of withstanding heat exchange. The washable and removable liner is constructed from CoolJade™ infused yarn and recycled jade which harbours natural cooling properties and decreases your skin surface temperature by up to 10°F.

The Flexible Flying Bridge Visor™ provides Adventureanced airflow, and by not using a traditional centre post and screw concept, Bell has boosted the amount of energy management material in a high impact zone. Safety is always the number one concern when creating protective race gear, which is why Bell has attached two NMR™ (No Missed Races) bumpers to each side of the helmet. The NMR™ bumpers have been constructed from soft EPP material which when compressed will bounce back to its original form, helping to Reduce the likelihood of further injury caused by the helmet if a crash does occur. Although a crash is something no one wants to happen, it is a possibility, especially when racing at high speeds, which is why Bell has attached Magnefusion™ magnetic cheek pads. The Magnefusion™ enable emergency responders to easily remove the pads to gain access to your head without having to remove the helmet first. With everything the Moto-10 Spherical has to offer, it is clear why it is the front runner in head protection, providing a first-class combination of safety, weight Reduction and airflow which will optimise your riding experience and allow you to perform at your best.


  • The most Adventureanced off-road helmet yet Spherical Technology™ powered by MIPS®
  • Ball-and-Socket technology that redirects impact from the brain
  • Segmented 3K carbon shell
  • Reduced weight for improved fit and wear
  • Sweat management properties draw sweat across the brow and away from the goggles
  • Superior ventilation provided by a large vent to keep you cool
  • Thermal Exchange Airflow System™ ejects hot air from the helmet
  • Ultra-wicking Virus CoolJade™ liner keeps you comfortable and reduces heat
  • Natural cooling properties
  • Flying Bridge Visor™ boots airflow
  • Panoramic Goggle port is the largest available on the market
  • NMR™ (No Missed Races) bumpers help to reduce the chance of broken collar bones and improve safety
  • Magnefusion™ magnetic cheek pads allow for easier access to the rider in the event of emergency
  • Magnefusion™ magnetic cheek pads can be removed and washed