Improving Your Bikes Performance with a New Exhaust Pipe

If you’ve got an older bike or are looking to purchase one, one thing you can do is to invest in a new exhaust pipe. This can make your bike feel like a completely different machine, with better performance and better fuel efficiency, among many other benefits.   On Two Wheels offers […]

When Should I Replace My Tyres?

Motorcycles require a lot of maintenance and that often means an exchange of motorcycle parts. One thing that gets worn down pretty easily, especially if you don’t take the appropriate care, is your tyres. The tyres, as we all know, are the only point of contact between your bike and […]

Your Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Like any type of vehicle, a motorcycle requires regular maintenance, preferably before something goes wrong. This lets you keep it on the road for as long as possible with no surprises and setbacks. You might think that because a bike is small it is lower maintenance, but in reality, bikes […]